@5SOS: He loves when I take pictures with him #clingygf

orphan black season 2 meme: [1/10] scenes


@calumhood: Got to be a mechanic for an hour then gave up

Newberry is hopeful that Kieren’s struggle and discovery of inner strength will make him a relatable lead character for viewers who might feel under-represented. “It does bring up really important issues that need to be talked about, like teenage suicide and anxiety. Kieren is an incredibly anxious guy, and In The Flesh talks about anxiety in a way that I don’t think many things do. Anxiety’s not spoken about, it’s sort of ignored, I think. Hopefully Kieren will be a voice for those people, that’s my hope.”


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Album name game: Heartbreak Girl


“man i am so tired” stays up for 3 more hours doing absolutely nothing